What #Doulamom Means to Me as a Mom and Doula

Hi everyone! First, let me introduce myself: I’m Kristina. I am the mother to my #fantastic4 and own my own business. I own KG Motherhood, where I offer birth doula services, postpartum care, placenta encapsulation services, and photography services. I recently joined the Indy Mompreneurs blogger team and am officially making my debut!

Have you seen my tag #doulamom?

#Doulamom is something that I tag when sharing pictures on my social media sites Facebook: KGMotherhood and Instagram: @KGmotherhood though they won’t always be featuring my kids. 

So why do I tag it?

Simply because, I’m a mother to my #fanstastic4 first before I am a doula and photographer. Being self-employed allows me to stay home with them to homeschool, like my husband and I planned we would do. 

What #Doulamom Means to Me as a Mom. They say being a mom isn't easy so I decided to combine that with running my own doula business and homeschooling!

My kids are literally with me 24/7!

 There have been moments when they have gone with me to pick up or drop off for placenta clients. Depending on the day we sometimes have to pause our lessons and load up the van for clients. Recently they accompanied me to a photography session for a family. My clients know that my children are with me during day hours, they know I homeschool and thankfully so many of them completely understand that my kids will occasionally accompany me. 

My #fantastic4 are around when I book clients via the phone and when I’m answering back to emails. There have even been those embarrassing moments when my toddler dials a client or texts one that I recently spoke to because I was careless and she got on my phone. 

Being an on-call doula and a mom can be difficult but it has its bonuses. My kids are very well informed on the process of birth and speak about it comfortably. It is not a stigma for them to know proper anatomy and where babies come from. They know the intended reason and function of breasts. If you ask them they will answer with a “duh” tone of voice. Most clients tell me they feel more at ease with me since I have “so many kids”. 

What #Doulamom Means to Me as a Mom. They say being a mom isn't easy so I decided to combine that with running my own doula business and homeschooling!

A common question I get often is “How do you do it for births?”

Here are my secrets. First, God! He has blessed me and always seems to make it work by aligning the right fit in clients and childcare. I have been given wonderful doula friends and friends who live near me, who are moms and can relate. We have stepped up for each other and will watch each others kids. Other times it is perfect timing and a client goes into labor when my husband is home and it happens to be the weekend. 

Second would be because I have a husband that is very supportive of my business and kids that love and understand that sometimes mommy goes to a birth… They don’t complain when I’m gone for hours with a laboring client. In all honesty, my family prays for all my clients and their birth outcome. They text us to let us know they are rooting us on. My kids will ask about the birth when I wake up from resting after returning home. They will ask about how my clients are doing when I return home from prenatal visits and postpartum follow-ups. They look at pictures while I’m editing and “coo” over how adorable they think the baby is in the image. Their love and support for my work are what makes me a good #doulamom and they are my own little superheroes!

If you would like to learn about my services or follow my #doulamom adventures check out all my links!

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What #Doulamom Means to Me as a Mom. They say being a mom isn't easy so I decided to combine that with running my own doula business and homeschooling!
Kristina is a California transplant who now calls Indy home. She is the mother to the fantastic 4, whom she homeschool full time. Kristina is also the local business owner of KG Motherhood Birth and Photography Services. Through her business, she offers birth doula support, placenta encapsulation and motherhood photography. During her leisure time, she enjoys hanging out at home with her family, online shopping with a cup of coffee in hand and crocheting. .

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