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So your child is struggling with learning their sight word list. Maybe they have ADHD or another learning disability. Maybe spelling just isn’t their strongest subject. Over the past month, with the help of my ADHD diagnosed 5yo, we have tested multiple Spelling hacks from Pinterest. Here is our ranking from what kept her engaged the longest to what she just had no interest in.

Sight Word Clips

Engaged Time: 40 minutes.

Setting this up was SO easy! All you need is some clothes line clips and some flash cards and a marker to write on them.

AmazonBasics Ruled Index Cards, Assorted Neon, 3×5-Inch, 300-Count

Whitmor Natural Wood Clothespins, S/100

Sight Word Card Games

Engagement Time: 30 minutes

On the left we have Go Fish and on the right we have Matching. Go Fish is great because your child will have to read the word to ask if you have it and Matching is great because it teaches your child to examine the breakdown of the words to see how they are different. This is very good when your child has multiple sight words that look the same (that, than, this).

Sight Word Bingo

Engage Time: 20 minutes

Im sure Bingo would be a lot more fun if you have more than one kid playing, but my child was just not enjoying playing by herself. Therefore, this is definitely a better game when playing with multiple kids. You can print premade board graphics using google search and input your childs current sight words or buy already made boards.

Trend Enterprises Sight Words Bingo Flash Cards

Sight Word Blocks

sight word blocks

Engaged Time: 0 minutes

My 5yo was just not as amazed with this sight word hack as I was. I was so prepared for her to just want to match the letters and I couldn’t have been more wrong! Because all she wanted to do was stack the blocks. If you have some toddler blocks handy, I will recommend trying this out since prepping is super easy and odds are, you have blocks in your home. But, if you don’t have blocks in your home, I would save this for one to try last.

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic

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