If you have never been to the Hancock County Public Library, then I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. This library is perfect for MOMpreneurs. Why? Because it has a MASSIVE play area just for kids. Seriously, massive! Fully equipped with blocks, crayons, play houses, puzzles, computers with learning apps, fun interactive classes and events, and a SALT WATER FISH TANK. OH! And the entire area is enclosed by actual doors so kids can’t escape! OH yeah! and there is wifi! This makes the Hancock County Public Library one of the best places for MOMpreneurs to work while their kids play safely (or read). There is also a comfortable sitting area for you to lounge while they play. Here are some of my kids favorite spots in the Hancock County Public Library.

Hancock County Public Library

It’s time for a check up! Your littles can channel their inner Doc McStuffins while giving the stuffed pets a check up, answer emergencies, and check on some Xrays. If your littles love to play doctor, they will love this little toy hospital.

Who doesn’t love to check out some saltwater fish?! (Also, check out the door in the background! Yes, that is the entrance to the kid area! A REAL door!) Can your littles find Nemo and Dori? How about Marlin?

Puzzles and Blocks OH MY! This sitting area, is filled with bins for small minds to work! It is also a comfortable area for mom to sit and get some work done while the kids play. This area is great for setting up your workstation. It provides a wide range of view so you can keep an eye on your children.

Blocks, Blocks, Baby. Who doesn’t love great lego area that isn’t in their home? This interactive block castle is loaded with lego blocks and larger foam blocks for kids to play with. This castle has lego shelves for building. Kids love using the foam blocks to build a door. They also love to build the blocks up super high and then knock them down. (who doesnt love to destroy things).

Because we all love a great farmers stand! Your kids will get to set up and run their own! Sorting produce, ringing it up, stocking it back on the shelf. Don’t forget to “shop” from them while they’re running it. Maybe you can buy some oranges for kisses. Or apples for hugs.

Hancock County Public Library

Just like with any other place, even though the Hancock County Public Library offers a safe space for your kids to play while you can work, remember to be mindful of where your kids are and what they are doing at all times. Just like with other libraries, make sure they know not to run and to exercise their inside voices. Also, make sure they clean up when they are done. And lastly, don’t forget to take off that entrepreneur cap and enjoy some fun times with your kids before you leave.

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