Girl, Wash Your Face; Girl, Stop Apologizing; and other books to inspire mompreneurs to officially begin their entreprenurial journey.

Sometimes we need a push in order to start. Sometimes we need a few. We may even have ideas and goals inside but not really know what they are until those pushes happen. And sometimes those pushes come in the form of books. Rachel Hollis has written two books that gave me exactly the pushes I needed. Jory John wrote a children’s book that did the same thing. These are great books to inspire moms who want to do just about anything, including moms who want to be mompreneurs.

Girl, Wash Your Face; Girl, Stop Apologizing; and other books to inspire mompreneurs to officially begin their entreprenurial journey.

Books to Inspire Mompreneurs #1: Girl, Wash Your Face

I read Girl, Wash Your Face for the first time with my book club and absolutely loved it. It was the beginning of 2018, and I swear to you that the book genuinely helped me to hold to most of my resolutions and accomplish many of my goals last year. I believe the thing that made it so empowering for me was how honest Rachel Hollis was about her own struggles and about the lies she believed about herself for so long.

As women, we tend to be so hard on ourselves. We think that because we haven’t gone out and changed the world yet (though I would argue that many of us have, we just don’t know it), we will never be able to do so. We think that other women are doing it better. And we have to stop. We have to stop believing the lies. This book is so great because it shows you what those lies are. Lies like, “I’m not good enough, I’ll start tomorrow, and I’m defined by my weight.” So many of us believe those exact same things! It helps so much to see that other women struggle with these lies too. It helps so much to read books that can inspire mompreneurs to know that they are not alone.

If I can give up Diet Coke, I can do anything!

Although it seems somewhat minor, the thing that really inspired me was Diet Coke. Rachel spoke about how one of the first goals she accomplished was giving up Diet Coke. At the time, I had literally just set this as my New Year’s resolution, and I had not given up on it yet. Hearing that her ability to give up Diet Coke showed her that she could do almost anything was incredibly inspiring.

I was like, “Ya know, I gave up Diet Coke. I can’t really believe I did it, but I did. Maybe, just maybe, I can do almost anything too!” And that is why books that inspire mompreneurs are so important. Hearing other people’s stories. Seeing how others have accomplished their goals. Reading about the little steps people take that make such a huge difference. Learning that you could do so to. All of these incredible things can be found in these amazing books.

Books to Inspire Mompreneurs #2: The Good Egg

Sometimes inspiration comes in strange places. As you may know by now, I love children’s books. (If you don’t know this already, check out my other Indy Mompreneurs posts here and here!) I love reading them to my boys. We love discussing the life lessons present in each one. That is what my blog, is all about. But typically, I don’t need the life lessons myself. The Good Egg, a children’s book by Jory John, was different. We picked it up at the exact moment that I needed to read its lesson.

The Good Egg is about an egg who tries so hard to be good. I chose it because we loved the first book by Jory John, The Bad Seed, and I thought it would be good for my oldest to read. He is a good egg. He works so hard at being good. There are few behavior awards in his classes that he hasn’t won. And he is always concerned about why other kids don’t act the way they are supposed to. This book is perfect for him because it shows that taking on all of the stress of trying to make others good is not good for you. In fact, it can make you crack. I knew he would get so much out of it when we read it. He did.

Girl, Wash Your Face; Girl, Stop Apologizing; and other books to inspire mompreneurs to officially begin their entreprenurial journey.

The Good Egg inspired me to take a chance on me!

What I didn’t know was that I would get so much out of it as well. I didn’t know that seeing this egg crack under pressure and then find a way to make time for himself would be so powerful for me as a mom and an aspiring mompreneur. I didn’t know that I needed to see this adorable little egg taking steps to find himself. It was nothing short of inspiring. Books like these (even when they are children’s books) can inspire mompreneurs to find the time to do something that is just for them. That is what it did for me. After reading Girl, Wash Your Face last year, contemplating my mompreneur future, and reading The Good Egg, I took a chance. I decided to become an Usborne Books and More consultant!

Books to Inspire Mompreneurs #3: Girl, Stop Apologizing

I am so excited to be an Usborne Books and More consultant for so many reasons.

  1. I LOVE the books!
  2. Sharing my love of books with other people is so fun.
  3. I love the idea that my love of books could help other people find books that will inspire a love of books in their kids. I know – that’s a lot of book love!
  4. Usborne helps it consultants to be able to give books to those who do not have much access to books, and THAT is one of my main goals.

However, even with all those reasons to LOVE becoming a consultant, I find myself making excuses and apologies for why I chose to do it. This is why Girl, Stop Apologizing is the perfect book for me right now.

Books that inspire mompreneurs to take the risks they need to take and refuse to apologize for what that means to other people are so important. We need to feel inspired to do things for ourselves, even if we are “good eggs” who always try to do things for other people. This book helps us do just that.

Girl, Stop Apologizing helps you let go of excuses and develop a plan for success.

This time, instead of starting with the lies we shouldn’t believe, Rachel starts with our excuses. The excuses we need to let go of. I have had them all! I’ve said, “Other women don’t do that, I don’t have time, I can’t pursue my goal and still be a good mom, and My thing has been done before.” But Rachel does a great job of showing us why those excuses don’t hold up and how we can convince ourselves that we are worth it despite the excuses we tell ourselves.

Then she goes on to show us the behaviors we need to adopt in order to be as successful as we want to be. Those are the things I am working on now. Girl, Stop Apologizing not only gave me the confidence to let go of my excuses and apologies, it also gave me strategies to get to my goals. The book even helped me to define my goals but recognize that I need to work more on building a foundation for success right now so I can focus on my mompreneur goal later. I am so excited to be an Usborne consultant. But, I am even more excited to build a great foundation to help me be the most successful me I can be!

Girl, Wash Your Face; Girl, Stop Apologizing; and other books to inspire mompreneurs to officially begin their entreprenurial journey.

Want more?

If you happen to be interested in learning more about Usborne Books and More and why I love them so much, feel free to contact me on Facebook or Instagram . As you can tell, I LOVE to talk about them. If you would like to browse the books they offer, here is a link to do just that. But be careful, you MAY fall in love! Or, if you would like to read more about the plethora of children’s books I read to my boys, check out . I would love to know what inspires you as a mompreneur as well. Have you read any other inspiring books recently? Tell us about them below or on social media.

I am a mom, a high school English teacher, and (obviously) a book lover. My boys are 7 and 4, and I love sharing the books we read and the lessons we learn from them. I am passionate about the benefits of reading aloud to kids, and I hope my recommendations and insights will help other moms find some great new books to love and share with their own kiddos.

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