Entrepreneurs juggle a lot of responsibilities in their home and work lives. These inspiring TED talks for entrepreneurs will help you improve personally and professionally!

These TED talks will inspire you to run your business and your life in a new way!

Mompreneurs are unique in the business world. We want to be the best at everything we do. We have a drive to keep improving. When we don’t have time, we make time. Above all, we don’t give up on having and doing it all. But we also fall into some common traps. We’re stressed and work too much. We judge ourselves harder than others and compare ourselves often. And when we finally achieve a goal, we move right on to the next one… usually without taking time to reward ourselves and rest! As a result, we feel like we’re always missing out. Does that sound like you? If so, these 13 TED talks for entrepreneurs are exactly what you need.

Entrepreneurs juggle a lot of responsibilities in their home and work lives. These inspiring TED talks for entrepreneurs will help you improve personally and professionally!

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #1: Life in the “Digital Now”

TED talks for Entrepreneurs #1

As a modern business woman, you probably spend a lot of time plugged in to social media. In other words, that means a lot of time spent trying to measure up. And it has an affect on every single aspect of our lives! Learn what living in the “digital now” is doing to our minds and our world… and what happens when we’re finally forced to slow down and be present.

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #2: The Happy Secret to Better Work

TED Talks for Business Women #2

Do you find yourself stressed out and negative? Many people in the business world do. Our responsibilities at our jobs and at home are certainly a lot to handle. Especially for moms, who still do more than half of childcare and household duties… even when they work full time! Therefore, it’s easy to let stress and negative thoughts become your new normal. If that sounds like you, watch this TED talk. You’ve probably heard of the “power of positive thinking.” Likewise, you might know that people who are positive and happy are healthier and live longer. But – most importantly for entrepreneurs – did you know that being happy and positive can actually make you more productive? That’s right! Let go of that grumpy attitude making an effort to think happy thoughts and as a result, you’ll get more done at work. How’s that for a payoff?

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #3: 4 Lessons in Creativity

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #3

What is creativity? And how can you get more of it in your life? As creative entrepreneurs, knowing a lot about our own creative process is a great skill to have – like when breaking through writer’s block, for instance. Learn how the drive to create is born in someone’s life and what it looks like in a career… and above all, how to access it when you need it!

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #4: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

TED Talks for Business Women #4

Book smarts and IQ aren’t the only things that determine success in the business world… because grit is what really predicts who will make it. This quality is found in people with passion for their work and who also don’t give up easily. Learn how to develop grit, in yourself and especially your kids, with this TED talk.

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #5: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #5

What makes great leaders great? In other words, what made them special? They weren’t always the best at what they did. They certainly didn’t have more money or skills. Instead, they inspired action in the people who looked up to them. Further, they were able to connect with their followers in a much deeper way. This talk will teach you how they did it, and some tips that you can use, too!

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #6: How to Speak so that People Want to Listen

TED Talks for Business Women #6

Do you feel like you’re being ignored when you speak? There are many common mistakes you might be making when you speak. Because of these mistakes, you might find others shutting down or getting distracted. Learn what those mistakes are, how to fix them, and – in short – how to make people want to listen to you!

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #7: The Puzzle of Motivation

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #7

The business world has been trying to motivate people the wrong way. We’re taught that a bigger rewards mean better work, for instance bigger paychecks or bonuses. However, research says that’s wrong! In other words, we’ve been making people perform worse by using money as the biggest reward. Here’s what science says actually makes people perform better (and it has nothing to do with money)!

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #8: How to Get Better at the Things You Care About

TED Talks for Business Women #8

Hitting a plateau in your personal or professional growth? If you spend a lot of time on something, you would certainly expect to get better at it over time. In contrast, that’s just not true! This talk will teach you the difference between learning and performing. Meanwhile, you’ll learn what sets apart people who keep getting better from those who stagnate.

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #9: Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #9

Are you a procrastinator? Surprisingly, many successful people are, too! If you feel like you’ll never be one of those people who works ahead… That you’ll always have to wait until the last minute… That you’ll always feel behind, because your work process doesn’t look like others’… This funny talk shows how to work with your “inner monkey” to get things done without so much guilt and stress!

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #10: Our Dangerous Obsession with Perfectionism is Getting Worse

TED Talks for Business Women #10

In the US, and especially in business circles, we wear perfectionism like a badge of honor. In reality, trying to be perfect all the time is bad for your mental health. Moreover, it doesn’t actually make you get more done! Learn what this culture of perfect is doing to young people and how we can stop it.

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #11: Embrace the Near Win

TED Talks for Businesswomen #11

What can we learn from our failures? Learn to love the “near wins” – those moments where we almost made it, but missed. Not only can they provide feedback about where we can improve, they can help us realize that failing is part of learning.

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #12: Success, Failure and the Drive to Keep Creating

TED Talks for Business Women #12

So you’ve finally hit success! Now what? When the time comes that your hard work finally pays off, your life will be turned upside down. Dealing with “good” stress is still hard for you and your family! Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love talks about how her sudden fame and fortune threw her off balance… and how she recovered from her success. This talk will show you how to get back to your normal.

TED Talks for Mompreneurs #13: Can We All “Have It All”?

TED Talks for Entrepreneurs #13

This inspiring talk shows us how far the equality movement still has to go. Even though women have made huge strides in the last few decades, there is more progress to be made! Here’s how we can help it get there for the benefit of our children. 

Entrepreneurs juggle a lot of responsibilities in their home and work lives. These inspiring TED talks for entrepreneurs will help you improve personally and professionally!

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Entrepreneurs juggle a lot of responsibilities in their home and work lives. These inspiring TED talks for entrepreneurs will help you improve personally and professionally!
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