Nine Lives Cat Cafe In Fountain Square

Are you looking for a unique Fountain Square Coffee shop? Are you crazy for cats? If so, Nine Lives Cat Cafe is the place to check out. With both delicious coffee drinks and fun interaction with cats, it’s the perfect place to spend a morning working or hanging out with friends. Do you have kiddos with you? Then this unique coffee shop is where you should meet your mom friends with kids. I haven’t met a kid yet who didn’t love petting soft, furry animals.

The Coffee Shop

There are two sections in the Nine Lives Fountain Square Coffee Shop, the actual coffee shop, and the cat lounge. All the coffee is delicious, freshly made and ethically sourced. I’d suggest starting your visit by enjoying a decadent pastry or your favorite latte. Either way, it will be delightful. Not a coffee drinker? No worries, there are plenty of hot chocolate and tea options to enjoy.

Nine Lives Cat Cafe in Fountain Square

The Cat Lounge

After grabbing your drink of choice, make your way to the cat lounge. If you know you want to visit with the cats, it’s smart (especially on the weekends) to make a reservation, because the slots fill up quickly. Only a few people are allowed in at a time to keep the lounge from getting too loud and crazy for the cats. Every cat is available for adoption, and there are typically 8 to 10 living at the lounge at any given time. Since the cafe has opened, over 250 cats have found forever homes after spending time at the cafe. Isn’t that wonderful?

Experience this Unique Fountain Square Coffee Shop

We found that by simply sitting down on one of the comfy couches, the cats came to us. Talk about positive pet therapy. There are few things more soothing than petting a sweet purring cat, right? There is also a (very reasonable) list of rules to follow – for your safety and the happiness of the resident cats. You will pay a small fee to visit the cat lounge (although the cafe portion is free). For an hour of time in the lounge, the cost is $5 per person and it is $3 per person for 1/2 an hour. This money helps pay for the care of the cats.

The cat lounge is very clean and fresh smelling. The cats can leave the public section at any time as well as access their litter boxes through a small door at the back of the room. Right outside the cat lounge is a long series of windows with a ledge and barstools. This is an amazing place to spend a morning getting some work done. You’ll get to peek into the cat area and enjoy watching them while you work. So much better than working in a standard cubicle.

Nine Lives Cat Cafe in Fountain Square

Vintage Shopping

Once you’ve had your fill of cuddles or your time is up, walk across the street to check out Fountain Square Vintage and Novelty. If you have kids with you, they will be wide-eyed because this shop has a little bit of everything and it is a blast to poke around and see what you can discover. On our last visit, we found a vintage typewriter, dozens of old LP’s and a hodgepodge of 70’s era toys.

Instead of your normal Fountain Square coffee shop, give this unique experience a try. You’ll enjoy some kitty snuggles, support a great cause and relive old memories with a little vintage shopping. It’ll definitely be more interesting than the typical coffee date!

Nine Lives Cat Cafe is a unique fountain square coffee shop. Combine a fun visit with the cats in residence with a delicious coffee drink.

Check out the Fountain Square coffee shop and shopping locations below!

Nine Lives Cat Cafe, 1315 Shelby Street,Indianapolis, IN; (317) 602-5287

Fountain Square Vintage & Novelty, 1336 Shelby St, Indianapolis, Indiana; (317) 496-7887

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