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Sometimes I scroll through social media and just stare at all the mompreneurs I follow and wonder how they do it. How is their home so clean? and How are they able to go to all these amazing events? How are they so put together with their hair and makeup done? And it makes me sad, because I’m not put together. Usually my hair is in a bun and my face is a mess. There’s an array of toys and socks thrown around my livingroom, dishes piling up in the sink. And, I can’t just afford to hire a sitter at any given time. For the longest, I let what I saw on social media make me depressed. I would wonder what was wrong with me that my life is such a mess and theirs arent. Why am I struggling to get it all done when no one else does?!

Then, I finally realized people felt the same way about me. You see, we tend to not post the bad on social media, only the good. Push the stuff on the floor out of the way before snapping our photos, only take selfies when our hair and makeup is done. Photograph our kids only when they are getting along and being cute.

Struggling to get it all done as a mompreneur? Dont worry, most of us are!

So Im here to say that enough is enough! Are you struggling to get it all done? Are you a mom who has to cook, clean and chauffeur her family on top of running a business and sometimes you just feel overwhelmed? Part of the average middle class family who cant just afford to pay for have someone come clean your home or watch your kids or do your work? Do you not have family close by to pawn your kids off onto or to ask for help when you need it?

Well, me too! And you know what, it’s okay! Eventually everything gets done! Yeah, maybe not as fast as we want it to, but eventually. Our kids will grow up, the cuddles will be few and far between, they will be old enough to do the dishes and the laundry. Chores will become our favorite thing to hand out. And eventually, it’ll all be done.

So, if you’re struggling right now to get it all done, just know that you are not alone and I see you. And I’m right there with you on that struggle bus.


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