Same is easy; growing is hard.

This is my personal, current experience with how I’m learning to find joy in growth–even though I often feel like growling instead of growing. And I’m getting ample opportunity to put these tips into practice as we’re in the process of moving to a new house and selling our old house, all while transitioning my business from our home to a commercial space.

It would be so much easier to stay where we are in a house that really is just fine–even though it’s not where we want to be long-term. I’m sick of painting and shelling out money to contractors for other work. I’m sick of our old house and the new one both being a wreck at the same time. This is hard work!

It would be easier to keep my business small enough that we don’t need extra space to handle higher volume and clients.

Unless we change, though, we’ll never become who we’re supposed to be!

Let’s get straight on a few points before we talk about how to find joy in growth:

What NOT to do.

  1. Do NOT follow your feelings! Change is stressful. Your temper will be short, your home and business may be in growth-inspired chaos, you may be sleep-deprived, and you may not get your “me-time” that you want, but don’t let your feelings keep you from purposely finding joy in growth.
  2. Stop worrying and fretting; it does no good anyway. Instead, pray first; the Lord is much better at carrying our burdens than we are. Thoughtful planning is another way to redirect worry into a useful thought line. Or talk through the issue with your spouse or a friend who will help point you in the right direction.

So how do I find joy in growth?

  1. Keep the end in mind. When we see the bigger picture of where we want to be as a family, we can fight through the work it takes to get there. Keeping an end-view also helps us to stay disciplined about how we spend our time and money in order to achieve our bigger picture.
  2. Enjoy the present. One wise lady told me not to wish away the time; it goes fast enough anyway. Use your senses to enjoy what is around you at the moment. While I was scrubbing our new house with soapy bleach water, washing away somebody else’s dirt, I heard neighborhood kids playing and laughing. That was enough to keep me enjoying an otherwise unpleasant moment.
  3. Choose a positive perspective. No matter the changes we face, we can find joy in growth by choosing to keep on the sunny side of life. Notice what is good; compliment your family as they grow with you; choose to laugh and love.
  4. Be thankful. Be thankful to the Lord for His provisions; be thankful to your family as you all work together; be thankful to anybody who shows kindness in any way. A thankful person will naturally be more joyful.
  5. Take time to do one thing that refreshes you–even if you can only snag 5 or 10 minutes. I love drinking coffee on the deck while I listen to birds in the backyard. A few minutes out there, even with a thousand things pulling at me, will reset my mind in a way nothing else can.

I would love to hear about your ways of finding joy in growth in the comments section.

Find Joy in Growth
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