Mental Health

Mental health care is finally beginning to gain the attention it needs here in America. We have a long way to go but it’s more common than ever for us to hear “it’s okay to not be okay.” I am a mother of four, wife, and owner of multiple businesses. I’ve had my fair share of challenging mental health days (heck, even months, if I’m being honest!)

Dueling Roles

Mental Health for Mompreneurs

As Mompreneurs we hold two of the most challenging, time consuming, and potentially life sucking roles out there.

As entrepreneurs, we are responsible for the ethical furthering our field, working hard, and often wearing many hats just to get the job done. And as parents, we are responsible for helping tiny humans learn literally everything they need to become functioning adults. I remember thinking one day “it is up to me to make sure this person learns how to do everything from navigating a moral compass to wiping her own butt.”

Times that by 4, throw in a husband, and a house to maintain at a level that does not cause the producers of Hoarders to show up on my doorstep and that equals at least 2 full-time jobs.

Because I’m a little crazy and somewhere along the line someone guaranteed me I could HAVE IT ALL. I own my own business and do consulting and training on the side. That equals approximately 1.5 more jobs.

I also like to have friends, look nice, and sleep every once in awhile so the time spent on those things equals at least 1 more 40 hour per week job. If you’re tracking with me, this all means that in one week, I maintain about 4.5 full-time jobs. It sounds crazy but it helps me understand why I feel crazy so often.

“…it SOUNDS CRAZY but it helps me understand why I FEEL CRAZY so often.”

Mental Health for Mompreneurs

Does this sounds like your life? If so, you’re not alone.

You’re probably nodding your head in agreement and feeling very seen and you should because this group, this blog, we are YOUR PEOPLE! We GET IT!

Hang with us through this series and you will learn valuable tools and strategies to help mitigate the crazy we all feel in this incredible role we have been gifted in our lives—Mompreneur.

How did I get here?

I chose to open my first business a few years ago because I worked in an industry that frequently failed in its mission of serving families well. After eleven years of honing my craft and thinking of creative ways to solve long-standing issues, I decided to leave a very stable job that I loved to hang a shingle and do it better.

My company worked with families and we did incredible work! That was the good part. The bad part is that I truly worked myself into the ground. I had no self care plan and instead took every stressor solely onto my own shoulders.

My health began to fail. I broke a molar in my sleep, gained a ton of weight, and was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Due to the maladaptive behaviors I relied on to get me through this time, I have since been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. As well as hypothyroidism, and sleep apnea.

“Ladies, I did so much wrong!”

Ladies, I did so much wrong. I am telling this story because I don’t want to watch another Mompreneur experience what I have.

This blog was written by Megan Stroup

Edited by Stephanie Fischer.

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Mental Health

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