Why is in person networking so important for small business owners? Does it really matter if you’re with a direct sales company? Isn’t social media enough? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it is important to network in person.

Other business owners learn your business exists

Small business owners want to support small business owners. They want to recommend them, they want to shop them. So showing up and letting them know your business exists is the first step to making that happen. If they dont know you exist, how will they recommend your business?

People are more likely to recommend businesses if they have a connection to the owner

That pretty much says it all. People are more likely to recommend you and your business is they know you. Putting a face to the business is important and in person networking makes that possible. I can tell you, when I see a social media post looking for a photographer, I’m going to recommend the photographers I have met in person. When people are looking for a Scentsy rep, I’m going to recommend the rep I met in person.

You can seek advice

Someone has been in the struggle you are currently going through. Whether youre struggling to generate leads, struggling to hire for roles you’re looking to fill, someone will have the advice you are looking for because they have been there.

Compassion and Understanding

Being a small business owner is HARD and it can be lonely. Forming a connection with other small business owners can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your business going. Just knowing you have FRIENDS you can lean on when you are struggling to push you through and to be your cheerleaders and to offer you advice to get through the hard times. It’s important and you need it!

There are MANY in person networking communities out there, some are free and some cost money. Because there are way too many to name, drop some of your favorite networking communities below in the comments so those looking for their networking tribe can check them out!

In Person Networking: why it is important for YOUR business

In Person Networking

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