Starts in 2 Days, 12 Hours

September 21, 2019 11:00 am

Greenwood Montessori School

622 N Madison Ave #6

(317) 289-1962

Organized By

Indy Mompreneurs Offical

2 Attendees

This meetup, we will be featuring our very first kidpreneur!

At five, Elsha Morrow decided she wanted to have a business. Spending lots of time in the gardens with her Po Po (Grandmother), she often would be tromping around the garden, petting the worms, and stealing the green beans off the plants for a midday snack. With her love of the gardens, it only made sense that she would begin her entrepreneurial career helping people grow beautiful lawns, gardens, fruits, and veggies organically. She believes in a cleaner world free from chemicals that are bad for not only the animals, but also humans! So, Earl Neigh (a horse manure compost tea and organic fertilizer) was born.

It is five years since that initial request to start a business. Today, she sells her products at the Farmers Market in Franklin during the summer and has diversified from not only horse compost tea, but also into vermiculture in her mission to save the world one garden at a time and to turn all black thumbs into green ones.

For coming, you will be entered in a give away for a gallon of compost tea!

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